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Precious case
for the flute

From Idea to creation

Jasmine Choi the international expert

The market didn’t offer a solution that would meet the expec­ta­tions! The Manufaktur KALB took on this challenge and created together with the artist a unique and precious case, which fits perfectly for the beloved flute!


To reach the perfec­tion of the actual case a serious invest­ment and a number of trails and proto­types were needed. Many of the compon­ents like for the closing mecha­nism had to be developed and crafted at the Manufaktur KALB. The result is craft­manship of its own league.

Craftmanship and the spirit of innovation

Elmar Kalb stands for both values like no other. His passion is not to meet expec­ta­tions but to exceed them. At the begin­ning there was only a rough idea but after a count­less number of hours later a unique and outstan­ding case was created, which reflects the enthu­siasm of Jasmin Choi.

Elmar Kalb will apply the same passion when he creates together with you the perfect case for your instru­ment.


537 grams only (1,18 lb)
Very solid
Measures 400mmx120mmx44mm (15,75x4,72x,173 in)
Lifelong guarantee
Serial number

Smart combination of materials

Every compo­nent is indivi­dually designed and looked after with most care to reduce weight and to ensure a maximum of stabi­lity. Over the years Elmar Kalb has built-up a unique know-how whereas even the smallest parts are own develop­ments and indivi­dual for each case.

Individual design, technically unique

Custom solutions, highest quality, sustai­na­bi­lity, relia­bi­lity and friendship are the values of the Manufaktur KALB. Jamine Choi and many more inter­na­tional well known indivi­duals are enthu­si­astic friends and custo­mers.
You can also get your own and unique case for your beloved instru­ment from Elmar Kalb. We are looking forward to hear from you.

Jasmine Choi

Jasmine Choi was using a standard case for her flute, which was bulky and rather heavy. On top of this it was not a proper protec­tion for her beloved instru­ment since it was not indivi­dually crafted so the flute could move inside. Travel­ling is a daily routine for Jasmine and there­fore she had this dream of the perfect case, which would be smaller, lighter and fit perfectly for her instru­ment. This would allow her to travel more freely without extra bag since it would even fit into her hand bag when she goes to a concert.
After a 12 month develo­ping phase Elmar Kalb presented a solution to made this dream come true. Count­less working hours, a lot of experi­ence and extra­or­di­nary craft­manship were needed to fulfil this lifelong dream.

<iframe width=“800” height=“450” src=“https://www.youtube-nocookie.com/embed/kafePIAD–k?controls=0” frameborder=“0” allow=“accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

The perfect case for her flute was created:

  • Perfect size – indivi­dually crafted for the flute
    Not a single mm larger than necessary (4 cm – 1,57 in — shorter than the standard case)
  • Light weighted – the smart combi­na­tion of materials and the exten­sive knowledge resulted in a 537 g (1,18 lb) light case (vs. 850 g (1,87 lb) for a standard case)
  • Perfect protec­tion – no moving – no shaking any more.
    Inside the case every detail is indivi­dually adapted to the instru­ment so that it fits perfectly and flute is well protected from moving.
  • Emotional design – the design is subtle yet elegant and it truly diffe­rent to any other case. The haptic experi­ence is surpri­sing since one would not expect the light­ness of this solid and handcrafted case.